Below is a review of my best adventures while travelling. Best moment of sharing, best discovering of a specific place on earth, best awareness about life … Whatever it is, I hope it can help you to travel too if you are still hesitating!


“[…] But, it made me furious that my Czech colleague was not able to clean her room and started to raise ants, because she was so damn dirty! One morning of July, I woke-up with the VERY unpleasant feeling to have one ant of my leg… OMG! I freaked out! Few days later, she was fired after hitting my manager’s brother with a chair […]” – My misfortune with my Czech colleague and the celebration of the World Cup of Soccer with Spain as a winner!


“[…] time for me to say goodbye. My great boss is wishing that I accept to come back the following summer 2011, but my answer is negative. I had an absolutely great time, I am very happy and thankful! I discovered an important job of the tourism field, but I need to keep moving with my projects!” – My last moments of the fairy tale with its few disillusions.



“[…] I realize that I said to Mike, my future manager, to pick me up at the one of Baltimore, but I will touch down within the one of Dulles, damn it! I can’t call, of course! But, I quickly thought about something else because I was laughing as hell with my brand new friend, who was teasing me saying that I never talked to my future boss besides e-mail and I might get killed. So […]” – Finding my inner peace and being just HAPPY in USA as a solo traveler.

“[…] A guy named Clay, came to talk to me and proposed me to go around. Since I had 1 hour to wait, I accepted. I was in a bus station, so I imagined it was nothing around, I thought we were in a « dead » district of the city, but … The shock! […] – This is one the most emotional time of my life on Times Square in NYC!

..Britney45“[…] it was finally time to see on stage the international pop star, Miss BRITNEY SPEARS. I do not know how to describe the emotion I felt … You’ll think I’m one hysterical fan, no, I assure you! But imagine,  I just turned 21, I am alone at the other side of the world, but I am living an incredibly beautiful and rich adventure, yesterday I was impressed by […] – Femme Fatale Tour, Britney Spears

296409_1931708532442_5393526_n“{…] My friends were furious that I was not taking the situation seriously and said I was crazy, but we were safe on a big cottage with one floor in front of the beach and without any trees around! I remember the morning, the assistance came over to the camp to evacuate us, but we said we were staying, they said “OK, but after noon, no need to call if there is anything because we won’t come!” When I write this, I realize we might have been very unconscious but […]” – How did I live the hurricane Irene in Maryland, USA?

..735816_409465645800226_508424398_o “[…] there are a lot of brakes not to travel alone and we must be aware that leave alone is not done on a whim; we must also take into consideration that our markers are completely undone, finished the comfort zone! First, take the […] – My reflection about travel alone VS not travel alone after my time in USA


340595_2503037815317_932705555_o“[…] She sat down and with her few french words, my 5 arabics words and our gestures, she made me understand what happened… Whatever if we have different language, there are some sorrows that no words can covered. In Morocco, I grew up and I definitely understood we do not have all the same chances! […] – My eye opener’s humanitarian trip in Morocco


100_4507“[…] I am, with undisguised pleasure, back in New York City, for the 4th time. At the same time, we must recognize that this is a city that we never get tired of! I’m here to see some friends, but especially my French friend already in New York for 6 months. And then finally, I took the time to visit the town, have stroll, what a sweet sensation to be carried away by the whirlwind of New York’s life. Sweet Central Park in NYC. […]..

Untitled“[…] THE ROAD TRIP HAS DEFINITELY STARTED ; it was actually supposed to start the 7th, but nothing never happen the way we plan it in life, right? So, we left the following day early morning, after few more issues with the car (as if destiny wanted to hold us)! That moment when you start a new trip is magic, the excitement and adrenaline of […] – Beginning of the road trip from Washington DC to El Salvador.

100_5422“[…]  The previous night in New-Orleans, we slept in a motel since it was raining. So, I checked on internet what was around for the next day, what to do in Louisiana and I discovered that place, the Oak Allay Plantation in La Vacherie! That place that I knew for years from a book I have at home in France  […]

“[…] I could even not stand up, walk or talk but after more than an hour, I got really impatient and pretty annoyed to be like a lion in a cage without knowing what was going on. I asked this rude woman to give me information and she answered me ” Oh! You Sophie, you can go, but your friend will stay here (in jail).” What? NO WAY! I said NO WAY! […] – The story about convincing the US Immigration to let us leave the country for Mexico


100_5804“[…] After the crazy story we lived to cross the border of USA and enter in Mexico, we decided to spend our first night on the beach of La Pesca, this beautiful area is located […] the most beautiful waking up of my life! The environment and its colors were just amazing, just perfect, I loved it! […] – First night in Mexico on the beach!..

“[…] The lady who sold us the telephone plan just had her sister renting an apartment in Playa Del Carmen, 30 minutes south of Cancun (being in the right place at the right time). Well, after some negotiations and a visit to an unfurnished apartment in Cancun, we managed to have the one of Playa de Carmen, the same day! So, I was 22 years old and was about to move in for the first time in my life with […] – Playa Del Carmen, my new living Place!

“[…] 100_6452Yes, I was 22 years old in September 2012, so you might think “How this girl did that by herself?”. Well, I will show you within this post that anyone of us can do that even though you don’t come from a rich family. Regarding mine, my father is a laborer and my mother is a housewife […] – How and why did I end up buying a house in Puerto Morelos? 

GUATEMALA..100_7021“[…] Look at this scenery we discovered while driving to the LAGO DE ATITLAN, B.R.E.A.T.H.T.A.K.I.N.G ! You can imagine that I quickly forgot the fact I had just broken my Iphone! My pictures could never describe enough the beauty of the site! The lake of Atitlan is surrounded by volcanoes, it was the first time of my life I was […]” – Discover the Atitlan’s lake


IMG_1908“[…] the toilets were the forest and the shower was the natural water that they were bringing (both boys and girls) from the spring/source of the river. For the shower, it was okay, for the toilet it was hard, very complicated for me, but anyway, I was happy there. The life was simple, without any phone or internet ; the evening, we were all […] – My beautiful experience in El Salvador



209398_3681223669227_1268283938_o“[…] they thought I was illegal (of course, me, french girl, illegal in Belize, yes, logical!), they would not let me leave this border ; I tried to escape to go back to the bus where the driver was waiting for me but they came to catch me, I got mad, the authority guy got mad as well and asked me to calm down over wise he would put me in jail. I asked to talked to the director (that I knew already when […]” – Most nerve-racking solo trip ever in Belize that would put me in JAIL! 😥


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