World News: Best places for cats lovers through our blue planet


UntitledWe know that water and cats do not mix, but this is for a good cause. The Cat Boat is in fact the only animal sanctuary in the world that floats! Founded in 1966, the Cat Boat has become, over the years, a tourist attraction for cat lovers. It is possible to volunteer, to make donations and even adopt an animal. Find out more info here!


cat islandThere is an island in the world where cats are kings! Indeed, on the island of Tashirojima in Japan, there are more cats than humans! There are a feline population of 150 individuals for 70 people. The population considers that cats are symbols of good fortune and wealth. And it is better not to go with your dog. Man’s best friend is forbidden on the island! You have been warned. More info right here!


Every three years, during the cat’s festival of Ypres in Belgium, there is an important procession involving floats, marching bands and, of course, lots of cats. The festival ends with the traditional throwing of cats. Inherited from the Middle Ages, this event aims to throw cats down from the belfry tower. Do not worry, the real cats have now been replaced by doggies. The next edition will take place May 10, 2015.


  • THE JAPANESE COFFEE CATS: the first coffee cats in Japan was established in 2004. Customers can interact with their pet and those of others while enjoying a good coffee. This popularity for those coffees are explained by the fact that in Japan several owners forbid cats in the houses.

  • CATS THEATER OF MOSCOW:  Founded by the clown Yuri Kuklachev, Cat’s theater of Moscow employs no fewer than 200 small felines. The theater manager carefully study the behavior of each of these “players” before showing them stuff that will go well with their personality. Besides, Kuklachev ensures that cats can not be trained like other animals. They often do what they want during the show, which can give funny things, but never boring. They perform several shows, including The Nutcracker. In 2015, it will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

  • THE AVERAGE JOE CAT SHOW: it is an event organized every year for American cats. This is a competition where the cats compete in various categories, often wacky as the most impressive ear hair or the loudest purr, etc. More info here!

  • KUCHING, CAT’S CITY IN MALAYSIA: we find gigantic statues of cats representatives all over the city and a center of research on the history of cats and cat museum consisting of no less than 2,000 artifacts, including an Egyptian mummified cat.

  • swk2EGYPT: long time ago, all cats belonged to Pharaoh. The Egyptians were also trying to imitate the look of cats with makeup. And you had better not hurt the cat, because you could be sentenced to death! Today, things have changed, but the cat is still very present. It is found in statue form and in the paintings that adorn some Egyptian monuments. Sphinx is also a must
  • COFFEE CAT OF PARIS: more info here!
  • COFFEE CAT OF MONTREAL: After Asia and Europe, it is the turn of America to welcome its first coffee cats. And good news, it is located in Montreal! The cafe looks at first glance like an ordinary coffee, except that it contains posts scratch, toys and other valued objects felines. So we can enjoy a good coffee, while stroking a cute kitten.

Do you like cats? Do you have cats? Did you visit one of these above places?


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