World News: Spend a night with Taïko, the polar bear in Zoo La Flèche, France

Taiko is a polar bear who shares his vast enclosure every night with French visitors of the zoo, in the city of La Flèche. Launched in last October 2014, the “night at the Bear” – more precisely, in a three-star chalet with huge windows overlooking the enclosure is a huge success. The cottage is sold out until the end of 2015, including during the week, despite its price, minimum 200 euros per adult, and you are even not sure to see the bear!


The recipe illustrates the new strategy of French animal parks, which multiply the accommodation amid the beasts to keep visitors. The Zoo of La Flèche plays resolutely on the luxury, with a “lodge” made in wood with very nice furniture, a fireplace or even a jacuzzi on the terrace. Then, the “suite” is open on the basin of Taiko and its congener Katinka, which can be seen swimming behind glass without leaving the bed. Champagne and gourmet dinner are optional.

How to go at “Zoo de la Flèche” ?



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